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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Best videos



just another surf movie made out of pics. 03:03

Mal Pais- Santa Teresa
Costa rica

Amazing glassy day at the NGor Island Left wave. Surfing in Senegal with no crowds, dosen't get much better than this. Uploaded by 05:06

NGor left

Kampar is a long river that rushes down from the Bukit Barisan mountain range that forms the spine of the island of Sumatra along its west coast. The river then meanders through the Riau province, to finally pour out in the Malacca Straits, on the east coast of Sumatra. Along its long course the river dvides itself into two large branches known as the Kampar Kanan (the right branch of Kampar) and Kampar Kiri (its left branch). They then converge at Langgar in the district of Pelalawan at Kampar's estuary. Here they are joined by many other rivers causing Kampar to funnel out into a wide river mouth. At each high tide, high waves from the sea flow in and meet the down stream current of the Kampar. Where the two opposing energies meet, and furthermore caused by the funnel shape of the river, Kampar's phenomenal tidal bores emerge, rushing deep inland reaching to over 60 km. upriver. These tidal bores are known locally as "Bono", which rush in with loud roaring sound at a speed of 40 kilometers an hour. The surf on the river can rise as high as 4 to 6 meters, at times creating barrels, the darling of surfers. Directed by Nanang Sujana and narrated by Bramantyo Prijosusilo, this video was produce for Green Indonesia initiative. 02:46


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surf photo


surf photo


surf photo

Olas Verdes

surf photo


  What's up

  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] Board n Surf Lebanon. Hint of our waves
  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] Board n Surf Lebanon. From the surf shack
  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] Board n Surf Lebanon. Into the surf shack
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Board n Surf Lebanon
  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] Punta Morena Mexico, Gulf, Isla-do-cozumel. SE swell, E winds , 6 to 8ft swell .. Oct. 28 2016
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Punta Morena Mexico, Gulf, Isla-do-cozumel
  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] The Bombie New Zealand, New Zealand NI, NW Coast.
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] The Bombie New Zealand, New Zealand NI, NW Coast
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Porlock Weir Somerset UK, Devon North
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] las tinajas Chile, Central Santiago
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Spookies Australia, NSW, Coal Coast
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Shitties Australia, NSW, Coal Coast
  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] West Twin India, Andaman Islands.
  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] West Twin India, Andaman Islands.
  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] West Twin India, Andaman Islands.
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] West Twin India, Andaman Islands
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Kingsbarns UK, East Scotland
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] St Andrews East Sands UK, East Scotland
  • Jan 22 
    [ Photo ] Palmetto Point Antigua.
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Palmetto Point Antigua
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Conspicuous Beach Australia, WA, Walpole
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Ehukai USA, Hawaii, Oahu
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Friendly Beaches Australia, TAS, East Coast
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Blueys Beach Australia, NSW, Mid North Coast
  • Jan 22 
    [ Surf spot ] Loughros point Ireland, North West

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  • Jul 09 
    [ Info ] Phishing pages Hackers succeeded into injecting some scripts into our server file system; mainly phishing pages (fake Dropbox and/or Email client login page; asking you to login with your Gmail/Yahoo account). We are pretty sure these phishing pages were NOT linked/used within this website; probably used in phishing email campaigns. Your community information (email, password, personal information) from this website were not compromised; but if you have been redirected to these pages it is strongly recommended that you change your email password. Sorry for the inconvenience Wanna Team
  • May 02 
    [ Info ] New Wannasurf : What do you think about ? The layout of Wannasurf has totally changed. Tell us what do you think about on the forum !

    Post edited by: admin, at: 2010/05/03 02:15
  • May 02 
    [ Info ] Wannasurf - Maintenance ! The maintenance is on. We will open wannasurf gradually. Be patient ! :-)


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