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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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France, Landes

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By Anonymous , 29-06-2009

messanges - Don't go to this place. Too many tourists and a majority of germans ! Now it's not the same and the locals are sick of this infestation !

By er tavola - italian bodyboarder- , 09-08-2006

Messanges the last week of july and the first of augst - we had had waves for all 15 days, one day was about 4 metres, then this day the others three with 3-2-1,5. the waves are very good and powerfull, but there are a lot of close out with 4 and 3 metres. the best hours to practice surf are three hours before and after the high tight. good spot, maybe after others surf trip I'll be back here. Bye guys!!!

By james vautier , 16-07-2006

Barreled - my name is james vautier and i surfed here when it was 8 ft and i got a stand up barrel and came out with my hands in the air and then my dad surfed plemont and got barreled while doin a hang ten

By Dutch dude , 14-06-2006

I've been there.. - I've been to Messanges last year August, I've been there for two week and i was able to catch some good shit, because the waves can get 2m-3m ( which is big enough for me as a biginner). The only problem is that there are so many people! The whole ( le Vieux Port) campsite goes to the beach at about 11 in the morning so you're only able to catch some nice waves in the morning.... And I can tell you, the earlier you go, the better waves you get.

By anonymous , 15-02-2006

CAMPER WATCHOUT! - Dudes & Dudettes,

When you go to this spot DO NOT park your car or camper on the topside of the dune.........There is one local who won't appreciate you standing there!! He will shout 'nice things' to you and will be very angry.....don't fight, cause if you fight him and he loses you can continue your holiday in a prison cell for 2 days...and believe me...that's no fun!!!

By , 05-09-2005

Cool Surf Spot - 01 September 05, just got back from an awesome 2 week stay in Messenges, had waves from day 2 and it was still firing when we left, dont understand why so few surf the right, it is a bit of a walk and a paddle but what a wave. Got tired of surfing it on my own. Looking forward to my next trip.

By Surfin my ass round europe - slowly! , 25-05-2005

Messanges - See you in Aug/Sept - Camping at vieux port again under my favorite pine tree ! Excellent spot and short walk, great break here. Head the warnings ref the rips they are strong here. If it is flat get out on the the bar, usually pick up some 1/2 decent breaks, keeps you entertained whilst waiting for some swell. Spent 2 weeks here last summer, excellent, had 2 flat days, but if it's flat head down to Hossegor and the more secluded beaches, I found decent swell there when flatish at messanges. Biaritz is poor in the summer, lots of girls to look at, no swell. Water temp is great, rash vest and boardies will do you fine for hours in the water in Aug/Sept. Watch the storms, they come in thick and fast, my last day there was out on the break and storm whipped in real quick, winds are howling when they blow in, dont stay in the water! Good people, no localism, your stuff is safe, nice French / Basque communities, can't wait to get back. Public transport (buses) to get you about and there is a large supermarket with fresh fish etc just 10 mins walk on the main road. Go surf there, don't waste your time on a summer bank hol in newquay! Peace....Anyone surfed the canaries, here you get good swell in the winter months but the locals are a pain and a bunch of thieving gippos, anyone heard this??

By billie bob jollene , 01-04-2005

messanges what? - I was there in summer 03 and there was actually only one day that it got a little bigger maybe 4ft but it was so choppy that it wasnt worth it mind you the water temp is alot better than england.

By anonymous , 18-02-2005

consistent - Always had waves when ever I've been there. Spent my annual two weeks in France at this place for the past three years and only had two days when it's been too small to surf. Strong rips on decent swell but great peaks all the way along the beach, good walls and barrels on the right hander to the North of the beach access, lefts and rights off the peak to the South. And you'll still get a peak to yourself if you don't mind trudging up the sand for 15 mins. Mellow on smaller swell, decent vibe in the water. All in all, well worth a stay.

By anonymous , 14-02-2005

crapy - i was there summer 2003 only got to 2ft and then it was slow fat and a crap wave no barrell onshore even at 7.30 in the morning onshore in the evening aswell dont come here make beter use of a car and go find different breaks

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