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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Canada, West Coast

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By Anonymous , 05-09-2010

Watch out ...response - Spoken by a true poser. Long board or short should let the waves on the day dictate the board you choose. I've been surfing for 22 years and surf all sizes and styles but only a young surfer would suggest anything under a 6' board is the only way to fly. Maybe you are just short in brains and stature. Don't compensate.....embrace yourself....all 5 foot 5 of you.

By Anonymous , 11-02-2008

Exact location. - Can anybody out there clarify for me if what they mean here by surf spot Tofino is simply North or South Chesterman. Or, is there another location north of Chesterman? Thanx

By Anonymous , 13-11-2006

watch out - all surfers should be careful not to catch the latest strain of longboarditis. It is an infectious strain that is going around and seems to have affected Vancouver island heavily. The symptoms are, owning a board that measures more than 6 feet eight inches in lenght that is dinged and completely yellowed from baking in the sun or from heavy water intake. Other symptoms vary, a false sense of coolness or ownership of a wave, dropping in and squatting very low or standing straight legged, dropping in and going straight and the worst symptom of all not being able to go vertical on a wave. Some victims of this illness may be older and crotchety and might possibly stare you down in the water or ignore you if you acknowledge them. Please don't let this virus get you.

By Anonymous , 29-08-2006

Surfed at Cox and Chesterman - Went surfing this weekend at Cox and Chesterman in Tofino. The waves were about 4' and broke in shallow water. There were alot of people out in the water however tons of breaks - enough to go around for everyone in the more shallow water - the more experianced surfers were out futher so I wasn't in the way at all (I'm still a long soft top rider)The locals were great and super friendly aside from the one girl who isisted on glaring me down in the water - not sure what her beef was? I'd like to see that attitude out at Jordon or Sombrio this winter you wouldn't get a ride! AND A NOTE to her troll of a friend who insisted on eye phuking my boyfriend while she posed in the water with her short board GIRL you didn't even get up once, guess its all about the "look" for you huh? Get over yourself! we all start somewhere at sometime - we were ALL beginners at some point. I'd rather ride a fat soft top and get up then be a poser in the water with a board I can't ride!!

Beach was beautiful though.... took tons of pictures maybe I will post them up here later for you all to see.
cheers, from a Sooke girl

By anonymous , 22-05-2006

- I'm planning a trip to tofino to surf. I'm from AMERICA. will the locals be nice to me

By , 30-04-2006

Need momma Ocean! - Anybody surf Queen Charlotte. I work in Alberta. Im from Lawrencetown, NS. I need some surf......bad. No surf for four months.(If your going to tell me that finding spots is what its all about,...then dont bother responding.)


By da right coast , 12-01-2006

do any of you know this pavane - he comes on our east coast forum talk too much shit. he said he is the best surfer on both coasts. I think hes a big queer that needs a reality check. hes not sponsored hes probably never been in surf mags so what all the hype about. there are too many good surfers in nova scoria to list. And he is not known in our seen! who could even move in an 8mm wetsuit let alone surf in it! what a goof

By Eric , 04-10-2005

Re: the last post - Hi, was surfing in Tofino for 4 days and let me tell you; it's beautiful. Being from the mainland of BC, it always amazes me just how beautiful it really is up there. Here is a hint, if you wanna rent any wetsuits, boards, booties, try Storm surfshop, they are online, just type it in Google. It cost me 45 bucks Canadian for the package for one day. Chestermans beach is nice. Cox Bay was really working nice when i was out there. They will rent you a 4-3 mm wetsuit from the shop; i don't know if any of the other shops (there are a couple) rent the 5 mm; but maybe they do in the winter when the water temps drop more. Water is definately colder than the Canary Islands (my last trip); prepare for a nice jet of icy-cold water running down your back. Seriously though, if you can, go camp at Bella Pacifica campgrounds, you can get a spot directly on the beach for (i know it is steep) 45 bucks with a normal car.

By anonymous , 03-10-2005

Cox Bay - Was in Tofino this past weekend. Some lady with a yellow long board acted like she owned cox bay. We just laughed and found another spot on the huge beach.

By Old Shreder , 26-08-2005

Mid October conditions - My son and I will be heading up to Tofino for 1st time in mid Oct. I'm wondering what to expect as far as water temp. and conditions. We help with the Blue Water Task Force here in So. Cal.(Laguna) and do water testing. Is there a Surfrider chapter in Vancouver Island?
I guess we'll need to rent wetsuits unless our 3mm will be ok. ?? What will we need, like a 5mm? Jeeze! that sounds so thick!

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