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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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  • Oct 10 
    [ Comment ] Rodiles . I was chased out of the water by screaming, ultra-threatening "locals" before even catching a wave and even though I made a point of keeping a big distance from "the pack" (only 7 or 8 guys). It was t [...] More...
  • Oct 08 
    [ Comment ] Centerville Beach How to write methodology section of dissertation?. You will not find too many people who love describing their methodology as part of their thesis or dissertation writing. It is quite difficult, so it comes as no surprise that most students fail to in [...] More...
  • Oct 06 
    [ Comment ] Gwadar west Nice one. Pakistan has been host to many activities for the citizens. Reform of the change and essay bot reviews is pattern oriented for the [...] More...
  • Sep 30 
    [ Comment ] Albania . Spot and Europe are enlightened for the goals of the field. Plant of the place and is pushed for the forwarded element for the goals. The kin rel [...] More...
  • Aug 02 
    [ Comment ] Bolinas Bolinas is Alright I Guess. First of all, all of you SO Cal douchebags can suck it! Just had to say that.... If you catch it on the right day Bo isn't the worst. Just remember it's a beginner break so don't act like you have a b [...] More...
  • Jun 27  
    [ Photo ] Cable beach Australia, WA, North West. Fun waves in dry season
  • Jun 27  
    [ Photo ] Cable beach Australia, WA, North West. Fun peaks in dry season
  • Jun 27  
    [ Photo ] Cable beach Australia, WA, North West. Random west swell and offshores in dry season. Very fun all day
  • Jun 27  
    [ Photo ] Terminals USA, California, LA County, San-Clemente-Island. Terminal
  • May 28 
    [ Comment ] Jamaica Dream. very want go to Jamaica, to try surface in ocean on sunrise
  • May 25  
    [ Photo ] Nipussi Indonesia, Mentawai. My surfing tricks. I also love pole dancing.
  • May 25  
    [ Photo ] Dragao vermelho Portugal, Central Lisboa. Luis Mendes Março 2015
  • May 18 
    [ Comment ] USA Surfing is love. I love surfing
  • May 12 
    [ Comment ] Chile COLD WATER HEAVEN The best and most uncrowded waves you will ever find in the south just bring a wetsuit. The best waves of the zone were for sure in the Buchupureo area. It was a little heaven on earth here.There are tons of spots in the area that are super sick like Pullay,Rinconada and Tregaulemu to na [...] More...
  • May 08  
    [ Photo ] Dalyellup beach Australia, WA, Perth South. First offshore after a big storm.
  • May 08  
    [ Photo ] Dalyellup beach Australia, WA, Perth South. Going off during the 2018 cyclone Marcus swell.
  • May 08  
    [ Photo ] Crunchies Australia, VIC, Melbourne East. good clean day
  • May 08  
    [ Photo ] Nipussi Indonesia, Mentawai. High on Surfing
  • May 08 
    [ Comment ] Mckenzies Essential Spot Check - Far South / Eurobodalla Coast. McKenzies is a top five essential eurobodalla / far sth coast spot check locations due south of Batemans Bay. This is because of both its geographical location & the versatility of the break year roun [...] More...
  • Apr 28 
    [ Comment ] Azerbaijan It will be problematic for surfing. I was in Azerbaijan. It will be problematic for surfing - there are no big waves in the Caspian - the wave is very short. And kite surfing would be very interesting, given that the wind often blows o [...] More...
  • Apr 19  
    [ Photo ] San clemente del tuyu Argentina, North. el vivero
  • Apr 19  
    [ Photo ] San clemente del tuyu Argentina, North. barco hundido
  • Apr 19  
    [ Photo ] Cacimba do padre Brazil, Fernando do Noronha. Cacimba do padre
  • Apr 15  
    [ Photo ] Pico das Almas Brazil, Ceara. Pico das almas
  • Apr 15  
    [ Photo ] Morcego Brazil, Santa Catarina North.

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